Welcome To Titans Capital Partners & Associates, LLC


Welcome to the Firm of Titans Capital Partners and Associates, home of the
Extraordinary World Class Commercial Capital Advisors. 

At Titans, we are the Premier World Leaders
in innovation of putting together
alternative and creative strategic deal structuring solutions for Working Capital
and Commercial Real Estate needs.  Titans Capital Partners powerful Management
Team along with our Trail Blazing National Capital Advisors are second to none,
who’s core competency and combined deal leveraging makes up over 50 years of
experience in deal sourcing, placement , syndicating and closing deals.

Our companies success over the past few years of closed transactions in multiple
asset classes makes us a  highly sought out after firm nationally  from Investors,
Developers,  Builders, Contractors, Investment Bankers, CRE Brokers, Business
Owners and  Entrepreneurs.   Due to our pipeline pool of referrals and repeat
Clients, this has allowed us to continually originate over $1.7 Billion Dollars plus
in new deals placements yearly for Business Working Capital request to major
Commercial Real Estate projects.

Our ability to identifying key strike opportunities in projects and match funding
partners with our Investors, or create Capital Stack platforms allows us to use
our strong alignment with some of the nation’s best exclusive high net worth
By Invitation Only” Multi-Billion Dollar Direct and Indirect funding
Investment Firms who have a combined Assets Under Management of over
$800 Billion Dollars.

Our Powerful connections in the Global market place allow Titans Capital to
moves the money that moves Businesses and Commercial Real Estate Deals in
the Market place.


Titans Capital Platform of specialization consists of three core competencies:

  • Nation Wide Commercial Real Estate Financing $500K - $550MM
  • Small to Mid - Cap Markets Business Capital Financing $100K - $10MM
  • Private Deal Placements – Debt/Equity Asset Base Financing $500K - $500MM ($1 Billion)

The Firm, Titans Capital Partners is diversified into three major financial divisions
to service the needs of market places we represent and to meet and exceed our Clients
multiple interest and diversification.



  • Titans Capital Partners – Business Working Capital and Deal Placement Syndicating


  • Titans Capital Commercial Financing – Commercial Real Estate Financing


  • Titans Global Wealth Capital Group -  Alternative Wealth Building - Real Estate Investments
    & Venture Capital Partnerships


Recently Funded Deals

Our Service

Small Business Lending

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
Accounts Receivable Financing
Inventory (Wholesale & Retail)
Purchase Order Financing

Receivable/Contract Financing

Sales Lease Back Financing
Equipment Leasing Financing

Private Placement Capital

As a Direct Lead Financing Arranger, Titans Capital Partners has the full flexibility to engineer the best of optional Debt and Equity Financing solutions for your Working Capital needs. Our access to a diversified network of Private Investment Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers and Private Equity Groups allows us to offer more choices than most traditional Banking sources to optimize your results. We create custom Asset Based Lending Programs and Strategies that help Clients maximize their Cash Flow, Business Growth and Opportunities. Our Firms extensive knowledge in the Small to Lower Middle Market sectors enables us to provide the best possible financing for these businesses.


Alternative Commercial Real Estate Financing

As a direct Conduit Correspondent Commercial Lender with capabilities of funding from $500K – $5MM directly and from $5MM – $500MM plus with our In-Direct lenders.  In our lead arranging of financing, we provide unmatched expertise in World-Class Advisory services.  We provide creative capital funding options for Commercial Real Estate Financing Deals to: Investors, CRE Brokers, Developers, Contractors, Retail Business Owner Operators, Real Estate Investment Firms and Property Managements Companies.

Titans Capital Partners is suited to personalize each transaction when being matched with super busy professionals in today ever changing volatile and sometime complex market place due to their insight and network.

If you are looking for a Team that is Knowledgeable, Responsive, Fast, Effective and can get your deal placed and closed in a timely manner, then look no further, then make Team Titans your Capital Partner in facilitating all of your Commercial Real Estate Financing needs.

Titans Capital Partners, LLC
Small Business

Small Business Line of Credit.

and So Much More...

Titans Capital Partners
Private Placement

Venture Capital

Future endevours

Titans Capital Partners, LLC
Multifamily Housing



Titans Capital Partners, LLC
Fix N Flip


Single Family Investment Properties


We Work With
  • Agriculture
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Energy, Gas, Oil
  • Entertainment
  • Franchises
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Internet Platforms
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Private Schools/Colleges
  • Real Estate
  • Renewable Resources
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation



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